An end to diapers, built on the backs of Hot Wheels…

Oh Hot Wheels – how I love thee!

Our small guy is almost 100% compliant with potty training.  Only miss?  Nap-time and he was so unhappy about it -but we were very reinforcing about it just being an accident (he was worried about bedtime too).

Had to go online tonight and get a bulk lot of them, as it will be cheaper.

I cannot believe how well it’s going and it’s all because of these wonderful little cars.  I already loved them anyway (sigh).  Now I think they are the best thing EVER.  We actually ran out and Todd is running to the store for a supply to keep here and send with small guy to gramma’s house this next week.  We are likely massively skewing Fred Meyer’s inventory stats on them.

This is such a relief.  I was stumped.  I had no idea how we were ever going to get him to try the potty.  It seemed like futility.  Then along came the treatment for the molluscum and our guy just happens to be nuts for cars.  Could we have a setback?  Well, yes we could.  But our small guy is not wishy-washy about things.  When he decides something, it just is.

So if you see me in the toy aisle, stocking up and eye-balling the Hot Wheels like they are miracles, just smile and think about how I might not be shopping in the diaper aisle much longer.



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