oh hell, you’ve got to be kidding

It started out as a normal week in our household.  I helped Todd work on something for his financial aid and it took some work, but it came out well in the end.  This meant help for us at a time when we really needed it.

Our youngest has been dealing with a really nasty cough.  It’s viral pneumonia.  He seems to be recovering in a decent way, so I’m feeling a bit more mellow about that situation – even though night time stinks for him.

Our oldest had a nasty looking lump on his head.  A visit to the pediatrician’s office for both boys resulted in a referral to a pediatric surgeon for the lump.  The surgeon then indicated it had to be under general anesthesia so he could ensure that all the infection was removed.  That went well and then he talked to us about the likelihood it’s MRSA – which we’ll find out tomorrow (Sunday).  The oral suspension antibiotic is truly the most nasty stuff – Bren gagged it up this morning – so I’m off to get chocolate syrup to mix in it.  He has to take it 3 times per day for a week and it’s pretty much a totally miserable experience for him.  Cross fingers on the chocolate syrup.

But here’s the bad news – my little guy has these bump things on his bottom and I’m 99% sure it’s the same infection my oldest has.  So now I have to get him back into the pediatrician’s office and likely little dude will need to go on the same nasty stuff.

I wonder if I can buy chocolate syrup in gallon drums?

I’m feeling pretty awful myself – not sure if it’s just the stress catching up with me or if I’ve got a bug myself.  No idea… not sure if I really care at this point.

I’ve got studying and homework to do and frankly, I feel like I’ve kind of hit the wall.  I need to exit my brain for a little bit and let some of it go.  Easier said than done, isn’t it?

wiped out….  moonfire


One thought on “oh hell, you’ve got to be kidding

  1. I am quite speechless after reading this blog: it is so terrible. Terrible for the “babies,” and terrible for the parents. I wish I could help.
    I WILL pray for all of you!
    I hope things will turn to the better ASAP.
    Hugs and blessings to you and your family.

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