Bus = less stress

I’ll admit it’s premature to make an assessment, but I love riding the bus.  I get to work less stressed and I get home at the end of the day less stressed.

We’re saving money and we’re planning to sell the second car, if it becomes possible.  Riding for free is a benefit provided to faculty, staff and students at our university.  I’ve never used it before and now I’m thinking I was incredibly silly to not go for it.  Hindsight and all that stuff…

Anyway, I’m wondering if this won’t help me deal.  It forces a time-frame to each day, due to the bus schedule.  It gives me time to myself, in a daily grind where it’s difficult to find some “me” time.  And there is a camaraderie for bus riders that is really humorous.  I simply like it.  How funny to discover the icing on this particular cake!

Well, that’s all the time I have.  I have thread postings and two small children to get ready for bed.  We have a new respiratory bug that has descended on the small dude and it’s creeping over the rest of us too.   I just want to ask fate, “Really?  Why are you beating up on us, yet again??”  This sucks.  Yes, I know we have depressed immune systems from the Great Mahoney Influenza Epidemic of February 2011, but this is ridiculous.

Sleepy time.  Cheers and wishing good health – moonfire


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