a few small things

First off, and most important:  Happy Birthday Mum!  And happy retirement too (after Monday).  I think it’s time for you to enjoy yourself!

Happy great report card to my oldest!  He worked very hard this term and it shows.  We all shared dessert tonight to celebrate.

Our dog is very smelly and I suspect he’s gassy too.  I think he’s getting the boot out of the room.  I can’t sleep with that olfactory invasion.

I have to shrink my middle.  When sitting in jeans that are loose is uncomfortable around the midsection, it’s time for a bit of targeted work on that midsection.

No.  I did not get my resume updated today.  I see the “guilt-ship” sailing in to my port.  My boss and I were discussing some excellent internal candidates for the vacant counselor job and my boss mentioned that she is reluctant about one because she wants to hire another “me.”  Yes… I squirmed in a big way, as this “me” is really burnt out from being there.  Had a chat with my honey this evening because the house has gone beyond disaster with his return to school and the kids appear to be picking up on our disconnect.  I have no idea what to do and so continues my confusion, worry, and fear about the future.

A pina colada sounds lovely.

The illness I would get from drinking a pina colada does not sound lovely.

…and I’m tired, so I’m heading to bed to be unconscious.



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