about to seriously geek out, caution!

Oh boy!!  It has been 12-13 years since I’ve had Economics.  It’s like getting really good chocolate.  Sigh…  I’m in the second most stressful time of my job and absolutely miserable.  Then I come home and we have a lovely evening with Monopoly (Brennan kicked our butts) and pizza, then after the boys went down for bed I started on my thread postings for this week.  I simply cannot express how interesting and fun and logical the field of Economics is for me.  I loved it as an undergraduate and here I am, happy as can be that I scheduled this class during this crummy time at my job.

It’s like a wonderful green and silver lining to a giant cloud of misery.

Supply and demand… elasticity….  curves and peaks, equilibrium points.


I wish I could afford the hard copy of the damned text.  Reading on the computer sucks.  Just counting down until my financial aid comes in and then I’m buying it.  And I’m keeping it.

Yes, for the record work is a misery right now.  I come home each day with my jaw hurting from clenching my teeth and pain in my back and neck.  Yet, I can pause and say that I truly did help a couple students over this last few days and I was told that I did an exceptional job by a student and his wife, right after I had given them bad news.  It breaks my heart that I love helping my students so much, yet the job itself eats me alive.  I’m trying some energy work with my counselor, in an attempt to build up a decent, reasonable barrier.  Hopefully, it will help me survive this because even as I write about it, the tension builds in me physically.  I’ve taken more pain killers while working there than the last couple of years combined.

Well, enough of the whining.  I’m heading off to bed, with my printed lecture for Econ and warm socks.  Mmmmm, wonderful….



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