kick me when I’m down.

I was given poor information by the advisor a short while ago.  No, I do not have 5 classes left after the one I’m in…  I have 6.  The class that I was worried about is not eligible to be counted.

At the rate I’m going, I’ll be starting my degree over again within a month or two because things will keep cropping up.

I thought I’d be more upset about this, but really?  How can I be?  Upset won’t change the facts and so I’ll be retaking the one poor grade on my transcript for this degree and it’ll make me look better anyway…  in a strictly academic sense, of course, since this degree has added about 30 lbs to my “round” frame.

I really don’t feel kicked.  In some odd way, I think I knew this in the back of my conscious brain and I was waiting for it.  Now I have to figure out how I want to work this.  I still want to graduate in 2011 and it can happen, only now it will be December.  That sounds nice, don’t you think?  A lovely Christmas present to myself and my family – graduation.

I was working with one of my co-workers today and it was lovely, helping her to learn about what a student goes through when they come to university.  She’s never attended university and here she is, working in a university financial aid office.  I think she’s perfect for our office – nice, friendly, mellow and very, very conscientious.  She is concerned that she won’t be able to pick up everything.  I want her to know that I believe in her 100%.  She can do this.  Time will pass and she’ll come to understand all the bits and pieces.  When she was hired, the PTB (powers that be) neglected to factor in orientation and training about the university itself.  And she has been struggling a bit with things that the rest of us (grizzled) long-time students take for granted.

So I’m changing that.  And she might register for a class.  Yay!!  I think I veered off too much into personal stuff while I was walking her through everything, but I wanted her to have a feel that life happens while our students are in school.  That’s just how it is.

I’m sending out this wish into the ether – please don’t let her give up and please help the PTB understand that over the long term, she’s a great investment.  kthx

Well, I’m heading to bed.  I’m tired and I’m still noodling over Bren’s parent-teacher conference tonight.  I’ll miss his teacher when he moves on to a new grade and classroom next year.  I feel like we’ve come through a huge part of Bren’s growth and development with her.  She truly is the best.

good night to all who might be haunting the ‘net this evening,


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