blah blah

The dog was bugging me, so I made him leave the room.  Now I feel bad, but that feeling is losing the battle of domination because the headache I have is worse.

So now I feel bad and I have a headache.

The pre-election crap made me pissy and now the post-election crap is making me just as pissy.  I’m fully willing to bet that we will see the same cycle (rinse and repeat, ad infinitum) happen over this next 10, 20 years.  Or longer, because we don’t seem to get it.  Our political system feels a bit too much like the Borg (resistance is futile).

I really do loathe attack ads.  And the waste of all the mailers that came in to our household drove me insane.  And the robo-calls??

I don’t care which party it was that did it.  They were all ticking me off.

If I was the political system’s mom, it’d be in the corner, with it’s nose against the wall.  For a good, long time-out.

Now I’m going to take some pain killer and go to bed, because being this grumpy isn’t good for me.  I didn’t get my homework done tonight.  Tomorrow I will fret about it.  Tonight?  I’m getting some sleep.

moonfire signing out.


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