Sick – AGAIN – no way…

The virus that Todd and Aidan have been fighting for this last week beat me down and kicked me in the head a few times today.  I’m a pile of misery.  So I’m sure this next bit will shine out even more, because of this unhappy physical status.

I got a perfect score on my research paper.  The professor wrote that she doesn’t often give out perfect scores and she noted that I clearly deserved it.  Of all the professors I’ve had in my graduate program so far, I’d have to say that she made me work the hardest and when I read her feedback, I almost cried.  I put so many hours into it and to come out with this recognition?  Well, it was worth all of those times when I didn’t feel that I deserved the grades I got.

And I gained so much out of that project as well, even as I was moaning over all the hours I had to put into it.

So not only did I achieve something that felt great academically, but I also gained knowledge that is applicable and valuable in my professional, academic, and personal lives.

It’s a great feeling that almost makes up for this wretched head-aching, sore-throat making, snuffly, queasy mess that is my body.

sickly moonfire


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