I will admit it, I’ve been reading sports articles…

When the hell did I turn into a football fan?  Really??

Bren and I were discussing drugs and the stupid things people do because of them tonight.  It’s weird having a child old enough to discuss things like this with, let alone knowing that he’s really getting what I’m talking about.

So we ended up talking a bit about the nature of addiction – what it is and how it impacts our bodies.

I will fully admit it:  I am a Boise State football fan.

How do I begin recovery?  Do I even want to?  What kind of snacks are we going to have for tomorrow night’s game?

Yeah.  You see what I mean, right?  (so many question marks… I think it’s my record)


It’s turning into a double-chocolate cookie type addiction.  I can’t stop.  I read the articles.  I pore over the blogs.  I watch…  pre-game shows! Oh hell.  I cannot believe this.  Next thing you know, I’ll be wearing pink and socks with sandals and doing fist bumps (shit, I did that with Brennan tonight, but seriously, it was worth it at the time).


Whatever.  I’m enjoying myself.  I love having something to root for.  I’m excited about something other than my own little sphere of influence, limited as it is.  These days fun is in short supply, fading under the pressures of work, school, and family.  Other than the weight I might gain from my honey’s delicious “tail gating” food, it’s free and not so bad for me.  I can laugh about it and how much I’ve gotten into it, especially when I’ve been resisting the temptation for so many years.


In other news, the meeting went well tonight.  We’re going to work on some things.  I’ve given my friend free rein to be creative about ways that my family can survive the miserable financial situation we’re in.  I trust her and I know she’s a conscientious person who will do her best to come up with a plan (or start of a plan) to get us back on track.  I’ve got “homework” and I need to gather the remainder of the information together, no matter how miserable I am about it.  At least it’s a start.

Now I have to get Todd on board with this.

But that’s all I’ve got for now because we’ve got a busy day tomorrow.  Then again, when are things not really busy in this household?



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