I just read a posting by another writer here on WordPress (Getting Closer to Fine by The Writing Spider).  So I hunted down the song she mentions, Closer to Fine, by the Indigo Girls.  Oh the memories that triggered.

And how appropriate that song feels for this time and space as well.

I talked to a co-worker (how distant that sounds and so non-expressive of how I feel about this lovely woman I work with)… she lost a close family friend over the weekend.  We talked today, about her friend, about the family that lost a mom and sister, and I was at a loss for a bit.  What can you do when this happens, except stop and think about how that person meant something so much to so many people and how they are missing her incredibly now.

Tonight I sat with my kids, enjoying bad pizza and drinking hot tea.  We watched a movie, gave dad a new nick name (Mr. Sparkles) and enjoyed the company of each other.

Sometimes I don’t have the words.  Sometimes all I can do is listen to a piece of music.  Or maybe my kids laughing.  Or a friend tell me about loss or love or a small piece of life that happens, without a person really meaning to have it happen.

…and maybe get closer to fine.


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