I really like the course I’m in right now (just finished up week 4 of 8).  So why is it that I cannot seem to get my writing to cooperate??  I am writing like I’m only half involved.  Is it short-timer’s?  Is it pure laziness?


I’ve come out of this research project with some really viable ideas for increasing staff motivation in our department and the research supports my conclusions.  I just can’t seem to come up with a paper worth anything yet.  Instead it is loose and repetitive.  I need a break from this and then I need to review my materials again before I attempt fleshing out the paper.  I got caught up in my research today and lost sight of the fact that I was supposed to be writing an outline, not a paper.

Anyway, I’m so tired now that I can’t really focus and my writing at the end was horrid.  I spent a grand total of 10 hours work on a 60 pt assignment because I wasn’t focused.  At least it will prep me really well for the final writing on this.  That portion is 160 points.

It won’t be perfection, but then again, this is the first class where I’ve really felt like I had to work for my grade.  And that isn’t a bad thing in my book.



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