now we’re talkin’

Finishing up week 3 of my current class.  Loving it.  Confirmed with advisors at my school that the degree change results in my finishing in SIX (yes, 6) classes.  Doubling up for the last two sessions which means I will be a hideous bitch on wheels for four months.  Then I will graduate.  Then I will lie on the floor and cry because I’m so tired.

Then reality will kick in and I will be glad that the damn thing is over because I can finally rejoin reality.  Or that’s the idea, anyway.  Still frettin’ over that program at KSU.  But the answer to that is “No, NO, Bad Shannon” – time to stop being a student.

While my children are still young enough to forget what it was like when I would stop midway through an evening and say “Hold on!  I have to do thread postings”  or (even better) – “Mommy has to get this research paper finished.”

I really don’t know what this will be like.   How much have I become institutionalized?  Ok.  Maybe not.


Todd’s home from school and I’m wiped out.  So I think I’m going to visit with my honey and cheer on his birthday.  It’s also my sister’s birthday.  In honor of their big day – Happy Birthday to both of you and I hope the day brings you much joy!


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