ready for rest

I did a miserable job of this week’s assignment and likely blew my quiz as well.  This last two weeks have been awful in the class I most looked forward to.  Bodes ill for the remainder of my degree, perhaps.

Luckily for me, the assignment for this week was great fun and I’ve got all but the 10th query done.  Once I get clarification from the instructor about it, I’ll finish it up and submit the homework (about a week before it’s due).  I’ve already read the material for this week, so I’m a bit ahead right now, although I don’t count on that to last.

I’ll try to take some time and go back over the material for the last 2-3 weeks, because it simply has NOT sunk in.  Ick.  This is important stuff – the basis for much of what follows.  I HAVE to get it.

I guess the fact that I’m ahead presently is a small blessing then, right?  I can review the other “stuff” and try to make some sense of it.

Found the missing paper that is worth so much too.  Lucky for us.

Well the weekend has ended, all too quickly, and now it’s time to prep for tomorrow.  I’ll blink and next week will have zipped by.

Why are our weekends so short?  It doesn’t make any sense, does it?



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