Too early for a Saturday

Started writing.  Deleted it.  I’d like to rant, but I don’t have the energy for it.

Strange thing…  Our oldest is starting to look like a pre-teen.  Given that he’s only 7 1/2, it’s kind of disturbing.  He has decided he likes to take showers and has expanded that to taking them at minimum once a day, sometimes twice.  I’m not complaining because bath times were sometimes difficult, but between that behavior and how tall he is…  Well, it’s just strange.

Maybe the reason it’s so shocking that our children grow up quickly is because, as adults, we tend to almost stagnate, at least physically (and perhaps mentally).  Yes, we’re aging and the signs of that crop up, but it’s mostly a slow, subtle change.  Of course, I look at my physical breakdown these days and perhaps those signs have not been so minor.  We watched Stepford  Wives last night.  The remake, not the original.

I told Todd that I’d take the robot body.  Yeah, I know… downsides, downsides.   But imagine – no physical fatigue, no viruses.  With the right sensory inputs, you’d be able to feel things.

Ok.  I know…  Hugging your kids wouldn’t be the same.  Who wants to hug a robot?


Had to interrupt that train of thought for a good nose blowing.  Joy.  Never, ever underestimate the body’s ability to produce viscous green phlegm.  Or the ability to run a low grade temp on and off for two weeks.


I suppose I should take stock of my to-do list for today and begin.  I know it includes a lot of study time, unpacking, cleaning, and an outing with the large herd of children to the dollar theater.  I suppose that is why, when I saw the comment to my husband about how he and this friend should get together for a beer last night, I felt myself get riled.  This friend does it a lot.  If Todd had said anything to me about it last night, it’s like I would have seared a hole through his body with my laser eyes.

Well.  I hear the rustling of waking children.  I need to work on something other than frittering time away on the net.  Accounts have been checked.  Nose has been blown.  And that awareness that this weekend is not going to be relaxing has penetrated my early morning foggy brain.

time to rise and shine.


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