pink eye sucks

One down, two more looking like it’s hitting them.  Welcome to our household.  I’m thinking Bren picked it up at camp, but I’m not entirely certain.  Now Todd and I are heading for it.  Luckily (at least so far), it looks like Aidan missed out.  Crossing my fingers because he would be a bear with it.

Work is insanely busy.  At home we are struggling to finish up the packing for the move this Friday.  And I’m up to my sore eyeballs in database studying, which isn’t going well because I feel crappy and have the attention span of tsetse fly.

Tonight we’re eating pizza because the little dude is asleep and the van doesn’t have air conditioning, so I’m not heading to the grocery store.  I also have the theory that buying groceries right now will only add to the load we have to haul.

Friday night may be a different story.  I’m not sure yet.

Mostly I just want sleep, food and a bit of a break from the summer heat that has only just really settled into our area – meaning that it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

What I’m wondering is how people do it.  How do they balance intense jobs and a busy home life without losing their minds, because mine feels like it’s about to slide out of my skull.  I really wish I could take one session off and just regroup.  But I did that this past spring and I can’t swing doing it again.  Too bad, really, because my divided attention is having a negative impact on my ability to be decent in any one area.  During the weekdays, I get home and I pretty much expire.

Even with the stress, I’m glad I’m working where I am.  It’s hard to describe.  I need to be there.  It’s hellishly hard to learn and slippery knowledge…  There is simply SO MUCH to learn.  By this point, at the software company, I had a pretty good feeling for what I was doing.  Perhaps it wasn’t great, but I was handling my calls fairly well.  This job is like Atlas.  A couple steps up and next thing you know, you’ve fallen down.  There isn’t a lot of time for me to stop and ensure that I’m retaining everything.  I need to type up my notebook notes from there, but when??  Short of going in at 7am, which I may start doing, I don’t see how I’m going to do this.

But I have to stop now.  Food will be here soon and I have to get my reading done.  I’m behind and I need to make a hearty effort tonight, before things turn grim with the move.



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