Here we are now, entertain us…

It was just me and the two small fries tonight.  We had pizza and watched a movie.  Yeah.  I know.  Wahoo.  I find it interesting that this has now become sort of a boring choice when in the long distant past (like the 80’s, heh heh) it was a pretty cool deal.  My kids have grown up with it, though, and so they look on it as nothing more than just a regular night.


As for me, I was happy enough to enjoy it after what turned into a LONG week.  It was only four days, yet it felt longer than a 7-day week.  How is that even possible??

I’ve done my class thread postings for the evening and now I’m thinking about heading for bed for a little light database reading before I sign off completely and snooze like the exhausted mom/student/worker bee that I am.

I will say this – I infinitely prefer being challenged, even if the learning curve is sharp, steep and somewhat deadly.  My days move more quickly and I have more of a sense that I’m doing something meaningful, at least for myself personally.  I think that’s the key when you have to be away from the people you love.  You have to do something of value in your own personal scheme or it can all feel like you’re doing nothing more than spinning your wheels.

Based on what I’m seeing in our department, I find it highly unlikely I’ll ever feel that way.  Every semester – every year – students need us to work our asses off.

There’s something to be said for that.

Well.  The small fries are settling down and I’ve got three chapters to read by Sunday.  This is meaty, dense material.  So I’d better get my ass in gear.



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