One more weekend down, one more to go…

Next weekend is our last packing weekend.  The following Friday is the big move day.  I’m torn between being ready to get this over and wanting time to stretch out a bit, so I know that I’m not forgetting something important.

The list of stuff that I have to get done is faintly overwhelming.  It’s no longer the packing and cleaning that is looming, since we managed to knock out most of it over the last 3 weekends.  Instead it’s the list of utilities I have to call and the financial coordination that has to be managed so all this comes off without a (or much of a) hitch.  If I stop for a moment and tally it all up, it’s a lot.  And I seem to be resistant to writing it down, although that one is becoming a bit more of a possibility.

It’s the little bit of tension developing in my teeth that’s keeping me aware I’m on the edge, though.  Small noises are aggravating and let’s not even get into slight comments that pluck at my nerves.  Yeah, I know I’m filled with tension these days.  Sad that it’s a relief to go to the pressure of my job, just so I can lose myself in busy-ness for a few hours.

I did enjoy the time home with the boys this weekend, even if I was up to my eyeballs in bins, boxes, and garbage sacks.  The one thing that is incredibly satisfying is knowing that when we begin to unpack and put things in their new places at little house, it’s that we have MUCH less to put away and what we did keep is the better part of the crap we’ve collected over the years.

A little bonus I discovered during the sorting process was the lingering over things I’d forgotten about, or misplaced.  There were pictures… pieces of jewelry which have much significance… there was the perfume that I only wore for special times…  and books, papers, old stories and poetry I’ve written.  It gave me a chance to slow down, even when I shouldn’t, and just linger over things that have come and gone.

Another memory was triggered this weekend – one that I really didn’t want to consider again.  It’s not so much a case of finding peace with it, as it is a matter of it being nothing more than a walkway between two places in life.  The fact that it involved the news of someone’s passing is kind of sad.  For his family, it’s a time of grieving and those good memories you hope to leave behind with the people you love.

For me?  It’s just an opportunity to poke at an old bruise and then leave it be.

I’m really tired tonight, but I feel proud of all we accomplished this weekend.  It wasn’t just about the “work” of the weekend, either.  It was about being with some lovely friends, visiting and sharing food/movie with mum, and a few crazy laughs with rebroadcasts of BBC’s Top Gear.  I got to spend time with my short dudes and I had an adventure with a “furminator” and my sweet dog.

I’d have to say I packed a lot of living into this weekend.

Now it’s time for rest.



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