13 years zips by

So as of this evening, my honey and I have been together as a pair, a couple for 13 years.  This time, 13 years ago, we were out on our first date.  And yes, even now, all these years later, we celebrate it – in whatever way feels right at the time.

Tonight, after busting our asses all day with the usual moving-related chores, we had two exceedingly mellow friends over to hang out while we barbecued, watched Bren and one friend go head to head on the DSs and just in general chatted, with liberal laughing interspersed.

It was a great evening and it meant a lot to see our friends, when it has been almost a year since we last saw them.  There are some friends like that, you miss them and may not see them for many months (or even years) at a time, then, when you do meet up again, it is wonderful.  It’s like time passed, but not in a way that cripples the true core of the friendship.  They are great people – the kind I will take guff and ribbing from, because I know it’s equal-opportunity ribbing.  And that makes me smile, because I needed that tonight.  I was so tired, I was almost tipsy because of it.  I hurt and under normal circumstances, I would likely have skipped out on being social to just veg at home.

Instead, we had them come over and it was simply comfy to share that weird, giddy fatigue.

I am stunned that it has been 13 years.  Wow.  Seriously.  I have blinked and here we are.  I don’t even know if I can express how these years have been…  We have had our ups and downs.  We are a pair – family – and yet we’re both independent.  There is much we share in common, perhaps the most important things.  There is much about us that is different, but mostly in complimentary ways that means we balance each other out.  And then there are those things that make us nuts… the habits we each have that likely makes the other cringe or get frustrated.  We have survived those differences, those common traits.

I really can’t sum it up.  I could note some of the memories that stand out, but I won’t do it justice.

All I can say is here and now is where I want to be.  It has been a great and strange journey.  There is no imagining what we have ahead of us.

I’m tired now and my ability is gradually declining.  We have so much to do tomorrow and the next day.  Perhaps it’s enough to say happy 13 to my honey and head to sleep.



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