a quick update on the education front

I’ll give this caveat, so it’s apparent what my biases are.  I work for a traditional, bricks-and-mortar university.  I completely love working there and I did my undergraduate degree there.

Now I’m doing my master’s degree at a for-profit school and Todd, my honey, is working on his undergraduate degree at a for-profit school.

I know.  Are we totally insane?

Ok.  Maybe, yeah.  But here’s the thing.  I was leaving my university at the time I enrolled with my program at the for-profit.  Todd was at the point of so much frustration with his program at my university that he had to find another way or he was done.

There were reasons – some I now perhaps regret.  Some I don’t.

That said, I have to say this:  My current for-profit is mostly an excellent experience… organized, not highly rigorous (especially the general business/management and HR courses) but effective in giving me what I want (where the timing and the content of my major specific courses are concerned).  I’m working on my Information Systems Management degree, with the emphasis being in database administration.  The IS and tech courses are rich in content and I’d have to say the profs/instructors that I’m dealing with are excellent.  The program works well for a person working full time and I have learned/developed since I’ve been in the program.

To add to all this, the staff are also excellent and highly responsive.  I say this about not only my academic advisors, but also the financial aid folks.

Todd’s program at his college is another story.  He is gaining a great deal from the classes and doing incredibly well, but I think much of this has to do with his drive and pursuit of his field.  He has been fortunate to have good (some even excellent) instructors.

The staff we have been dealing with?  I don’t know where to begin.  Disorganized.  That puts it as succinctly as I can make it.

Further, his school withholds information and is not open about things that a student should be fully made aware of… like cost of attendance.  What the hell is his budget anyway???  We filed the FAFSA in February.  It is July 1.  The new aid year has officially begun.  He is a continuing student.  He STILL does not know what his financial aid package is for this academic year.

I won’t name his school.  I will just say this:  buyer beware.

I will also say this:  You get out of your education what you put into it.

At least we’ll have these credentials when all is said and done.  I cringe to think of the cost.  Worse yet, I cringe to think of what the cost would have been if we hadn’t pursued these degrees.

That’s something to hold on to, at the very least.

signing off …
one very tired moonfire (loving the database text, by the way – I definitely chose my correct field of study.  Ironic that it only took about 23 years to do it)


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