Is that sunshine coming in the window?

It’s going to hit 98 degrees on Monday.  What misery this will be.  Normally we don’t see those kinds of numbers until late in July, but here we are, in June and the first of those days shows up.  Bah.

Today will be hot enough, thank you, at 85 degrees.  And no, I don’t like hot weather.  So let’s just get this over now and expect my cranky factor to increase linearly with the heat.  Luckily it’s not exponential, or we’d have a really BIG problem.

But it’s Saturday and we are going to continue our progress in packing and cleaning.  Todd is working on his class right now… I’m waking up and recovering from a very poor night’s sleep…  The kids are quiet, but that is deceptive, as they will surface in a bit and the noise level/chaos level will increase dramatically.

This past week at work was good, but it was like the eye of a storm.  There is so much coming ahead for me, that I could get overwhelmed if I stop to consider too closely.  I used the time to regroup a bit and got some things done.  There is so much more I could have done and I wonder if there was enough time in each day?  I also wonder how long it will take until I find my footing enough to feel comfortable that I won’t make some enormous and grievous error.  Not that it won’t happen that I’ll make an error, but rather I won’t be in a state of worry that I will.

Time to get going.  I need to make my goal list for the day and start knocking things off it, one at a time.  I’m also going to post some reminders for myself.  I’ve got a couple things that are potential to be forgotten.  I just DO NOT need that.

Welcome sunshine.  And welcome Summer.



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