oh hell.

I just received my acceptance letter to KSU for the Master’s in Academic Advising.

The day before, I received my text for my first database class.

KSU = Substantial decrease in the cost of my remaining education and I really want these classes, plus this option would allow me flexibility on campus if I should ever decide I would like to move in to another area.

Keller = Master’s in Information Systems Management, a lot more student debt, and a career path for the future within my current department.

I would graduate at the same time, regardless of which program I choose.

KSU would be more academically rigorous.

With Keller, I already know the system.

oh hell.

I have to think on this.  I thought it would be easy to just walk away or ask if we could delay my enrollment for two years.  Now that I have it in hand, it’s a much tougher thing to do.  And what if I’m turned down for GRAD Plus loans to finish my current program?  I’ll definitely run out of money before I finish.  What then?  I wouldn’t be able to finish my current plan AND I wouldn’t have the financial leeway to do the KSU plan.

And for the record, I checked to see if KSU has an IS or IT Master’s program.  They don’t.  Neither does my current university where I am employed (as a lifer).

I think I will go bang my head against the wall.  It will feel better than this.


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