And so it begins…

We are cleaning and packing in preparation for whatever is coming next.  It feels strange and almost surreal.  I’m looking at my messy desk and all I can think is “where will we end up??”

A combination of factors have led to our needing to move.  I guess it’s ok, but of course the clematis I planted have come in beautifully this year and the garden looks lovely.  But it’s time to decrease our living expenses and tighten up our financial world a bit.  I finished up my class today and feel like it’s blessed relief to have a bit of mental time and space to deal with the issue of finding a new home before the next one starts.

Todd and I started cleaning  out crap that we’ve collected or simply had accumulate on us.  Weird how letting go of things from 9-10 years ago feels so wonderful.  I am slightly sentimental about a few things, but the rest?  It can go.  I need to feel like we’ve dug out from underneath the “stuff” that has been clinging to us and our lives.

I wish I could say I’m confident we’ll find the right place for us to settle into, but I’m not so very sure.  I’m picky and it leads me to wonder if anything will feel right to me.  One decision we have made, finally, is to let the boys have their own rooms.  It’s long past overdue for us to do this.  The school year demonstrated the need when Aidan wouldn’t stop pestering Bren.  Nothing is worse than heading off to school when you’re a tired little guy.

Danny (our dog) is upset at all the chaos and change in our routine.  I wish I could reassure him because one other thing we decided upon is a fully fenced backyard with enough space for the dog and kids to play.  All three will appreciate this in spades.

As for me?  What do I want??  Good storage… good a/c…  a decent kitchen…. and a good neighborhood.  The rest is just icing beyond the needs of Danny and the kids.

So wish us luck.  We’re giving notice tomorrow (6 weeks) and we’re hunting in earnest.  We’ve seen one place that would almost be perfect, if not for the fact that they told me the a/c doesn’t work well and we’d have to supplement it with an in-window unit.  When temps have a tendency to hit the 90’s and 100+, that simply won’t do.  Too bad, because I really like the people who own it.  So maybe it isn’t fully written off as an option.

Good night from an exhausted (as usual) moonfire


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