more words from Brennan…

I’ll be glad when Aidan can express himself a bit more and maybe “defend” a bit!  So I’ll sit down and work out a way to share some Aidan-isms another day.  For now I’m cleaning out the gigantic pile of papers that were sent home at the end of the school year and here is an assignment of Bren’s I’ll share.  (original words by Brennan, nothing edited by mum)

I used to…  but now I…

I used to watch barney,
But now I don’t watch anything.

I used to not have a brother,
Now I have one.

I used to have cats,
Now I don’t.

I used to drink milk,
Now I drink coke.

I used to not have a bugs bunny smile,
Now I have one.

I used to want a brother,
Now I regret it.


Editorial comment by mum:  You do too watch stuff – movies!  And no, I don’t let you drink Coke… Dad might be another story.  And yes… I am horrified that you regret having a little brother, but I understand… he’s being kind of a pill these days.


I hope the little brother thing doesn’t last for long.  It kind of bums me out.  I suppose I have to think about it on a micro scale and stop worrying about it on the macro level.  And I write this, even as they are downstairs playing together, nicely I might add (at least for the moment).  I wonder if it will get easier as Aidan gets older or if the age difference will be a problem until they are grown ups themselves…  sigh…

And for the record – Aidan does still look like a little angel, but he’s a normal little boy, getting into all kinds of mischief.  I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Well.  Time to work on the outline for my paper.  I got some rest and relaxation last weekend and now I need to make a push.  Soon this class will be over and evenings like this one won’t be spent with me plucking away on the computer.  One final note:  work is pounding my brain into slush.  As hard as it was, last year, learning the job at the software company, this is 100% harder.  I had a crisis of confidence yesterday and felt my anxiety level rise.  I’m holding my own, but sometimes it feels positively overwhelming and I sense the edges of worry creep in.

I am hanging in there, but each day seems like two steps forward, one step back.  Yes, I’m making forward progress… but it’s a painful and slow trip.  No, I won’t give up and yes, I may have days where I’m completely worn down.  Some day I WILL look back on this and think on how hard it was and how glad I am to have survived it.



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