…my sentiments, almost exactly…


Here I am again, lazy blogger that I have become, even though it fills a space for me that I really need these days.  So I actually perused a FP posting this morning and enjoyed it much, so I decided to hit Home for this particular blogger and came upon this gem.

He managed to express my thoughts about blogging succinctly (and that’s the second time I’ve used that word in the last day, so there’s something up).  Blogging, at least for me, is a wonderful mix of the social and the personal… kind of a blurring of the lines, until I sometimes have to stop and wonder which motivation is floating to the top at that moment.

I don’t compose my blogs in advance and then post them, which is again a likely indication that this is all nothing more than ramblings purged out of my brain, sometimes without much direction or keen insight.  Ok.  Often I am without direction or keen insight.  Let’s be clear about that.

I like extemporaneous writing.  Perhaps that’s why I love this format so dearly.  I’m a nit-picky (OCD?) planner about many things and that is surely a writing-killer for me.  Blogging allows me to be as spontaneous as I’m likely to get.

I’ll admit too, that I love the purging of the pinging thoughts I seem to collect during the day.  I shared some of those on the drive home with mum (the massive Canada trip) and her response was that I was getting punchy.  Well… yeah.  I was exhausted and there was an element of punchiness to my presentation of my thoughts, but the thoughts themselves are exactly how I tend to see the world.

…but I digress, right?  Blogging.   My definition of it, given my personal biases and inclinations?  It is a melding of the need for some kind of social interaction in a written media, along with personal reflection and some random nattering.

And then I read what I have written and sigh at the inadequacy of it to fully express what I mean, so go back and read the linked posting.

For those blogs I enjoy reading that I’ve been a bit slack on… sorry.  Once again, life impinged.  I may or may not be back to full form once my class is done.

signing off on an unusually rainy June Sunday,


One thought on “…my sentiments, almost exactly…

  1. Not inadequate at all this says much that I recognise from my own writing experiences. Keep on bloggin’.

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