Nature goes nuts

It snowed today.  Yes, it is May 22nd and it SNOWED today.  I’m sure there are places where this might happen, once in a while, but not here.

And yet it did.

The fact that is snowed suggests that today is a day when just about anything can happen.

Bren’s scout troop volunteered at the food bank this morning- for three hours.  Todd said it was a great experience and the statistics were eye-opening.  It is stunning that they did so much this morning and it doesn’t meet the need.  I find it disheartening that so many have so much, while others are left behind.  I’m glad Bren had this experience and we need to find a way to keep up the opportunities to help.

We also had the Mie Mie kids over this afternoon, plus the two other boys who have become a part of our little “herd.”  I won’t get to see them for almost a month, thanks to traveling to see my family, my research paper, and my final.  But I made sure they know when they’ll see us again and I arranged that we’ll be getting together two Saturdays in a row in June.

I may not be their “teacher” anymore, but at least I’m still a part of their lives.  I’ll keep saying it over and over… my goal is to see those kids graduate from college.  And I was tired this morning, worn out from bad sleep last night and the exhausting week that I just survived, so I could feel that I was dragging a bit at the thought of bringing everyone over.  The funny thing is that once they were here and we were getting settled in, it felt so right, just like it always does.

I’ve pondered it a few times, wondering at my deep, subconscious motivation for doing this.  It hit me this afternoon that it is tiring but it is fun.  The children bring me joy.  I love that my boys have these kids in their lives, making it richer in experience because of the friendship.  I love that the littlest girl is so comfortable in our house and makes herself right at home.  I love seeing the older girl and how she has blossomed.  I’m so proud of all of them for being these great kids, even though things aren’t easy for them.  I wish I could do more.

I wish that with my kids too.

Instead, I’ll just do my best.  And maybe that is enough for now.

It’s a cold, almost wintery evening.  Who would have thought that could happen in May?  Then again, it’s a weird world we live in and you just never know.

We’re going to persuade Todd to make chocolate chip cookies and I’m thinking about busting out the hot chocolate.  Aidan is pooped and he’s going to bed early tonight.  Bren is pretty wiped out too, but I think he’ll hang in there for fresh-baked cookies.

Me?  I’m heading to bed early because I have a serious date with the university library tomorrow.  I’m going to write up this draft paper, do my thread postings and then I’m going to settle in for the evening (free) to enjoy the finale of Lost. Yes.  Todd and I are massively into Lost.  It has been a long time in coming so I’d better get some answers tomorrow night.  Or I’m going to be one testy woman.

That’s it. Time to finish banana with Aidan and prep for a quiet evening.

cheers from one tired moonfire


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