reflective and pasty

My skin is reflective white and pasty.  And I just spent way too much time out in the sun today.  I rather imagine that I’m going to start really hurting between 4-8 hours from now.  Then let the whining begin.

So I’m sitting in the dark music room/office that Todd and I share, wondering where the hell the Aloe Vera gel with lidocaine is.

It was carnival time at Bren’s school this evening.  I would have enjoyed it more if it had been cloudy and cool, but the kids had a wonderful time.  I ended up volunteering for a scant 20 minutes in the full sun for our class’s ring toss.  Now it’s time for a cool bath, aloe gel, and something light and cottony to wear.  Tomorrow will have to be a “no sun” day for me.

In other news, my last day at my office was good.  I got my transition list to both bosses, had a lovely lunch with them and gave them both hugs goodbye.  I hope the next person in there does an excellent job for them and makes me look like a slouch!  They said really nice things and it felt like a good closing for the whole business.  Dave, the number one boss, was a really good guy and he made me feel like he understood that they couldn’t compete with this opportunity.

The one thing I feel good about with all of this is that I know I left the position in good condition and I got everything I possibly could do wrapped up.  The person following me will be able to start with the structure that I’ve implemented and build on it/adapt it to their own style.  I have no regrets about how I did.

Monday will come quickly.  I have much to do between then and now.  I hope I manage it because I can’t let my class take a bad turn and we have social obligations that have to be met.

Time for that aloe vera…  I don’t want a miserable night…

moonfire the crispy


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