awake, don’t want to be

I should be asleep.  Under normal circumstances, I would be.  Tummy is conspiring against me, so here I am.

Played around on Facebook for a bit.  That’s a good time-suck while I sit here, sipping my water and contemplating how dry my eyes are.

A rich dinner, even when celebrating something like a birthday?  Not a good idea.  By my calculation, I should have had it for lunch, then I could have dealt with the after-effects BEFORE heading to bed.

Reminds me…  I think my friend Chris is 40 now.  I haven’t talked to him in a while, but here you go anyway:  Happy Belated Birthday, Chris!  Todd and I were just talking about you last night – only good things – and there was a chuckle or two.

I’d stay up and ponder life, the universe and everything a bit more, but I think I should attempt a bit more sleep.  Today is my last day as an admin at the university.  I’m packing up my box and heading off.  Monday, I’ll come back on campus as a fledgling financial aid counselor.  There’s my small “before” and “after.”  What a strange feeling.

I’m sure the realities of it will hit when I’m not so tired and uncomfortable.  Or maybe it won’t really kick in until Monday morning, when I’m getting ready for work.

These things have a way of sneaking up on a person.

cheers from the slightly out of it moonfire


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