Tea and …

Having a cup of decaf Chai before bed…  Nice and relaxing.

Tomorrow my youngest turns 3.  Where did the time go???  Do I miss the baby Aidan?  Do I miss his crazy toothless smile?

No.  I love his giggles… his attachment to his mummy… his competitiveness with his big brother… and his playfulness with his daddy.

I love the long delicate fingers and the stinky feet.  I love the way he plays up the cute factor, even as he proclaims something about a fart bubble.

He looks like an ethereal fairy child, but he is completely and totally little boy.

And this is where it is so hard for me.  I just don’t know how I can possibly express enough about him, to share who he is.  He is this absolutely wonderful little person that blows me away.  I’m only three years in and I can only imagine how it will be, what magic I will discover in him as he ages.

I’ve shared this before, but it can’t be said enough times.  Parenting is the most amazing journey.  There are surprises… there are humbling moments… and there are those times when it is hideously frustrating.  I wouldn’t be anywhere else or change it for anything.

…and on that note, I think I’ll go wander in and check on the boys… tuck them in, give them light kisses on their heads, and look for one last time before I finish out today.

Wishing all a peaceful night,


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