Up early

The big guy had a nightmare.  I wish it had happened at 6am rather than 5am, since I was sleeping rather soundly.  So I got up and puttered.  The house was cold.  After all the warm weather we’ve been having, we haven’t set the heating and cooling system back to heat.  When I wandered down the hall I checked it and it was 63.  No wonder my flannel jammies felt so comfortable!

Our little guy always kicks off his covers, so I got him snuggled back under his soft blankie and the big puffy (quilt).  When he’s asleep he looks so babyish, with his big round head and the soft hair.  Which reminds me – I saw a beautiful baby girl yesterday.  She was 9 1/2 months, perky and curious.  I think that age is the one we most likely think of when we imagine babies.  They are so aware and interested in the world.

I will never stop feeling that love for the little ones.  One of the ladies at the chiro office asked me yesterday if I was going to have more, so of course I explained no.  As much as I love the baby stage, I don’t miss the fatigue.  And each point that comes along as they grow and develop is interesting… why would I want to hang on to it?

Anyway, I’m resisting the urge to go snuggle back into bed.  I’d like to curl up with our little guy and be there when he wakes up.

Instead it’s time for a hot, hot bath and some relaxation before I start the busy day ahead.  I’m still going to be nudging at curiosity about the outcome of the hiring process.  Consider it like that rough spot on a tooth.  Your tongue simply will not leave it alone.  I can try all I want, but I might as well accept the inevitable.  And yes.  I’m terrible at Christmas too.

I could have done with less curiosity and more patience in my “Shannon” mix.

Hell.  If we’re going there, I could have done with more “loves to run” and “loves to eat fresh veggies” rather than my present state of “loves to read” and “loves homemade bread with butter.”


cheers on this cool Thursday morning,


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