How do I find patience?

I’m trying to keep myself occupied, but work isn’t enough to keep me fully mentally distracted.  It’s making me nuts.  I really wish I had more patience.

I should go to bed right now, but I’m avoiding taking any pain medication tonight.  This is going to be a challenge.  My neck is still hurting, although it is starting to heal.  Still, I want to take something so it won’t be so sharp, but the rest of my body needs a break.

I thought perhaps I could write tonight – express some of what has been rattling around in my brain.  Instead, I find myself (once again) distracted and slightly disconnected.  Too many thoughts and not enough containment, I suppose.

Maybe I should just give it up.  Why is it only Wednesday night?  How am I going to make it through the wait?  It’s like being caught in the middle of unrealized potential, with all of the possibilities sitting right in front of me.  Once I hear the verdict, that potential is completed and things are back to concrete.

That is enough for this evening.  It’s 9pm.  I’m hoping to persuade Todd to go to bed early tonight.  That might actually be enough work to keep my busy brain occupied.

cheers from the inner workings of impatience,


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