Trying to find the words, but the pain is distracting

Day # ??  with the neck/shoulder pain.  So I can’t really write about yesterday with any sense of coherence.  I want to at least note something now, while it is still so fresh.

The interview went amazingly well – particularly when I take into account the neck pain and the slow recovery from the flu.  My nose was bright red from blowing it just before the interview, but that didn’t slow me down.

I got great feedback and I cannot imagine a more positive experience.  I did well and even if I’m not chosen, I feel like I have nothing to be sad about where my performance was concerned.  Yes, I wish that I had done more prep work in my studies on FSA Coach, but given my health over that week, I will be comfortable with what I did manage to accomplish.

I have high hopes, but I have to make it through the two weeks while they make the decision.  They finished the second batch of interviews today.  I was first in line and that is a slightly intimidating thought.  I can only hope that I set the standard high enough to stay in good shape.

Nice group, though.  Cohesive, warm, friendly and strangely supportive of why I was there.  The woman who I have been in contact with?  Barb…  She is quite possibly one of the nicest people I’ve encountered on campus.  I would love to work for her, but I’m just glad that I met her.

It’s a strange feeling to come out of an interview glowing, but that was exactly how I felt yesterday.  How lucky I am that things happened as they did.

They DID interview three candidates in March.  Without going into details, things didn’t materialize, so they returned to the pool of candidates of which I was a part.

And I got my chance.

Now we’ll see what happens.  I care about the outcome in a huge way.  But I also understand that the process has to happen.  Much depends on personality and how that person who is chosen will mesh with the team.

If it doesn’t happen this time, they will be hearing from me in the future.  I won’t give up.

I’m waiting for the pain killer to kick in right now and then I’m going to sleep.  Rest is all I can ask for now.

Oh yeah.  I looked great for my interview as well.  Mum and I did a fantastic job on that end.  I felt good and I was nervous as hell, at least until I met the people from the department.  Once I met them, it was like all the fear just disappeared.  How can you be afraid when you’re talking to such nice people?

I understand better now why people they hire stay and why openings are few and far between.

I’ll keep praying and I’m sure glad I got to let my own light shine for a bit.



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