A little early AM cleaning

My desk was a disaster.  So I have been awake for a long time this morning (it’s 4:45am right now) and I finally crawled out of bed around 3:30 or so, got a glass of juice and looked at my desk.  What a pitiful, unorganized mess.  I decided to do something about it because, apparently, I do my best cleaning during the wee, wee small hours of the morning.

I think there is a disconnect between my body and the rest of life.  My body thinks, “Hey!  Let’s get up at 3am, putter, then go back to sleep for 5 or 6 hours!!”

Life says, “No.”

It’d be nice  if I could live with my normal biorhythm, but it appears that it is not suitable to modern life.  In fact, if I think about it, I can’t imagine any period in history in which my particular sleep pattern would be considered ok.   How nice.

My desk does look pretty good right now.  It is still fairly cluttered, but things are in neat stacks, sorted by relevance to each other and within the stacks they are sorted by the urgency of due time to be completed or addressed.  I have the book and syllabus for my class starting officially Monday, but it is open for comments today.  The reading for it will have to wait until I complete my interview preparations.  That is simply how it will have to be.

I have a stack of library books from my last big research project.  They need to be returned, so I’ve decided Tuesday will be their day.  There is the refund check I need to deposit.  It was lost for almost two months on my desk and I had begun to think I’d already deposited it.  But no, here it is and how timely is that?

I have the sample syllabi from two of the KSU classes that I will be taking.  They are set out as inspiration to keep me going while I wait to hear if I am admitted.  They’ll be recycled if I’m not and pinned to the bulletin board for future reference if I am.

There is a small assortment of Legos and a clear plastic car (you can see the metal engine and “innards” of the car through the plastic – very cool).  There are the calcium chews that I should be taking on a daily basis but periodically forget.

I have a pile of old research documentation that I’m holding on to, as well as my pink financial calculator, some odd sewing supplies and a picture of the boys – Brennan was 4 1/2, holding his brand new baby brother.  Aidan looks like a solid little chunk, reminding me why we called him Moose at the beginning and Bren looks angelic… something that wasn’t necessarily true at that time, but still makes me smile to see it.

So I suppose, now that it’s coming up on 5am, that I should crawl back in bed and try to sleep a few more hours before the boys are up and hungry.  I’d like to think maybe now that some of that excess energy has been worked off in a productive way, I’ll be able to sleep and dream rather than list and plan.

I guess it’s a thought.

One final note.  Had a fun time with mum at JC Penney’s yesterday morning.  Even though I was feeling horrible and shaky, I knew I had to get in, find something appropriate for the interview, and get something to accessorize it.  The counselor position is a people position and I need to look well put together.  Given that I neither accessorize nor typically look well put together, this was a bit of a stretch in the shopping realm for me.  We did pull it off though and I think I’ll strike just the right note for the audience.

During the course of our mini shopping expedition, I bought a “grown up purse”.  I suck at purses.  Actually, except for some small exceptions, I typically suck at being good at most things “girlie.”  I carry a purse for function, rather than style and personally, I go for the slightly bohemian versus the modern.  As a consequence of my lack of style-sense and my normal daily wear, I look like a college student.  Yesterday I made the leap and decided, since I’m finally ready to move on to more professional pursuits, I’d find a purse that reflected that.

The funny thing about it, now that I look at the purse, loaded with my transferred portables… I really like the purse I got.  It’s stylish, current and still has some “Shannon” personality to it.

Oh yeah.  I got my nails done too.

I know.  That is more than enough “girlie” for at least a month.  I might be able to stretch it out even longer than that.

Well, 5am has come and gone.  Time to go back to sleep and rest my head.  My neck pain is retreating and I might luck out for Monday with complete freedom (mostly) from the pain.

cheers from insomnia land…


One thought on “A little early AM cleaning

  1. This is the second blog this morn that I’ve read about cleaning an organizing office area…I think the universe is trying to tell me something. No, Idon’t wanna clean and organize my space! there are toomany fun things to do instead!

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