Once again, looking forward to Monday

I hope I’ll be able to look back on Monday and think about it as the starting point of something great.  No matter what, I’ve made strides forward today.  If I could get my neck to stop hurting, as well as see the last of this dumb cough, things would be looking up.

I have to finish writing my presentation outline and handout tomorrow.  I’d do it tonight but the pain is awful.  I’ve taken two extra strength Tylenol and one Flexeril.  I’ve got something for backup in the middle of the night if the pain doesn’t give me a break, but I’m hesitant to use it.

I need to do a focus listing of my skills and qualifications.  It helps me to keep my salient points fresh to mind.  I’m still working on letting go of the fear of failure, but it’s always easier to consider it from a logical standpoint than to actually get yourself free of it.

I’m probably going to be living with hot and cold packs on my neck this weekend.  I’m praying that the pain is gone by Monday.  I can’t imagine focusing with this pain going on.

It’s strange that I am here, the second Friday in a row, looking forward to a Monday and the possibilities that it will bring.

Now if I can just find some peace inside myself, I think I will make it through this preparation weekend just fine.  I suppose there will need to be some rest thrown in there too.

One final thought – the pain is making me impatient and sharp with those around me, including the kids.  I apologize to everyone around me but having this sharp, tight pain running from my skull down into my shoulder is making it difficult to control my thoughts and mouth.  This is why it is so important that the pain be gone by Monday.  I could very well end up blowing this because I can’t concentrate and that worries me.

For now, this is a very tired, but recovering moonfire signing off…


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