Lost time, but I’m hanging in there

I think that illness is a joke perpetuated by fate.  I can’t think of any other reason.  It’s ridiculous.  It is making me nuts.  Grr.

My ears don’t feel like they are working well.  I’m foggy and I feel like I’ve got cotton batting wrapped around my head.

But this is all small potatoes compared to Monday night.  So I guess I should count my blessings.

***Now this is weird.  My ear just cleared.  Just like that – poof, it cleared.

I hate it when you return to work after being out ill and you have that sense of disconnect, of lost time and space.  I hate feeling like I can’t regain my footing, even if I’m back and I get my work caught up again.  It’s frustrating.


Ok.  Todd has the fifth season of Lost running.  Forget trying to write when this is going.  I should be reading, but I know that I need rest too.  Time for sleep I guess.

I’ll attempt writing another time, when my attention isn’t divided between all these different areas.


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