Confirmed the interview…

I am home sick (and yes, the timing couldn’t be worse), but I did call in and confirm that interview time.  An hour and a half, of which 45 minutes will be with a panel of 7.  Plus I have to do a brief 5 minute presentation similar to what I’d be doing for HS night.  The director cautioned that I shouldn’t try to cram in too much, that it’s just to see what my presentation style is like.

This is a toughie for me.  Presentation style?  Given that making presentations has not been a part of my job duties (except to go in to a classroom of students to proctor an exam or to make an announcement that a prof will be out), this will be me digging deep to come up with something style-wise.  Content-wise, I know the university and I know the basics of financial aid as well.  I also know how important financial aid – the department and the aid itself – is for the students.

So I’ll be doing the self-study that I started back in February, plus I’ll prepare my brief “piece” of a presentation and practice it to smooth it out.  I’m also going to work on breathing and relaxation techniques.  I want to be calm, professional and friendly.

I am attempting to strip out my personal motivations on this.  Yes, it’s important to me and my family, but all I can do is my best.  Being healthy is an important part of this and this respiratory bug has got to hit the road.  I’m drinking vitamin water and herbal tea.  I’m going to get some sleep.

I refuse to blow this.

Time for more liquids and some relaxation before I try sleeping…



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