Sunday with Speed Racer and a few germs

Misery has hit our family in the form of a upper respiratory bug.  Streaming heads and sneezing.  Good times.  I’m preparing our “Super Soup” today – loaded with fresh garlic, onions, and mild, fire-roasted green chilies, along with tomatoes, corn, beans and TVP.  We’ve got juice and fresh fruit for smoothies.  I’m going to wipe this bug out with everything I can do because news of a very good sort has finally come our way.

But first, we are cuddled up on the couch, my two boys and me, while dad gets some sleep.  The request from our short dude was once again “Speed Racer” with Emile Hirsch.  While I love this movie (vivid, brilliant colors and the designs are amazing), Aidan pretty much adores it to the moon and back again.  The young speed racer reminds me of Aidan and it is, perhaps, a bit like seeing him in about 4-5 years.

Brennan was out late last night with dad, enjoying night 2 of the hockey playoffs.  They had a great time, but Bren is wiped out.   I don’t want the bug to settle in deeper, so it’s going to be lots and lots of fluids, good food and some rest.  Yesterday I got his posters up on the wall – the Periodic Table and Elementary Particles.  They are really cool and we were looking at them.  He was pointing out different elements and naming them.  I asked him to show me the noble gases and he did, plus he named them.  I left to put the mounting squares back in our office and felt that moment… that proud parent moment the just sort of sneaks up on you.  I really love chemistry – enjoyed college chem, fought hard and long to do well in organic.  This was one of those moments that just lit me up.  Bren is fascinated with it, along with math and robots/legos/tech/computers.

To have my 7-year old son excited about chemistry and science is pretty much like Christmas for me.  And the same goes for Aidan and his cars.  There’s a reason I’m here with him, every time he wants to watch Speed rip around the track in the Mach 5.  Maybe it’s because it’s really about science too.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I have that dream sitting out there on my “bucket list” – the one where I get to learn how to drive a race car.  Maybe it won’t be a car – maybe  it’ll be limited to karting, but that’ll be cool by me.  I’d certainly count it.

So the good news?  Pending my confirmation that they really do want to talk to me, I got a message that our financial aid office wants to interview me for the counselor position that I really want.  I contacted them the week that the interviews were supposed to happen in March and the director told me they had already picked the three candidates for interviewing.  So I closed it out of my mind.

Now I have a week to prepare myself – get my information freshened and get some more prep done.  I had stalled out my independent studies on the federal financial aid site because I needed a break from everything.  Now I need to jump back in and get ready.

This has the potential to open things up for me, finally.  This isn’t about getting into a job that is an interim position – this is about being hired into a professional career position.  The difference isn’t lost on me.

I took a huge chance last year.  I made the jump based on what I was told about the position with that company.  But I didn’t have anything concrete and I didn’t realize that.  This is completely different.  This is interviewing for something where I know I have the capability and the temperament for it.

The hard part is I got the message on Friday evening.  It was left on my cell Wednesday, late afternoon.

I really hope that I didn’t blow it with that delay.  This is the pessimistic part of me rising up.  I can imagine barriers that are potential – did they really mean to call me?

Isn’t it funny how the mind does that kind of thing?  Is it really so hard for me to imagine that I could be chosen?  When I wrote that letter of interest for the position, I put everything I had into it – my beliefs, my experience, who I am.  After I had submitted it, I read it over again a few times and I really felt like I had a strong argument for my candidacy.  When I didn’t get the interview in March, I really wondered if my judgment about my capabilities and experience were so off, even though I know that this is an incredibly tough job market.  There are many qualified people out there looking.

I guess that’s why I’m waiting for tomorrow.  Until I get the confirmation that they’d actually like to speak to me, I am reluctant to believe it.

The movie is winding to a close.  Bren and Aidan are rolling the hockey puck souvenir back and forth.  Todd is probably asleep.  I know I should get my day started, but it’s so nice sitting here with the kids, just relaxing.

I don’t know what this week isn’t going to bring.  I do know that today is about laundry, a birthday party for a classmate of Bren’s and some online coursework in financial aid to get me back on track.  A little productivity and some nice “anti-cold” soup for the family.

It’ll be a good day.

cheers from an up in the air moonfire


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