Laugh out loud, even while cringing…

More nummy laughing goodness from Not Drowning, Mothering.  Read it if you’re not quite young anymore, but still able to laugh about it.

I will be the first to admit it – I dress for comfort and fashion doesn’t seem to even crawl, on it’s lips, into the picture.  My posture is now bad.  My butt is huge.  My mid-section joined forces with my lower section and created a new country.  I have wrinkles, dry skin AND breakouts, as well as age spots on my hands.

But I can still laugh (at least until the issue of bladder control crops up, then I have to take a breather).


And this is how bad my attention span has gotten… I was writing that when suddenly I thought about how nice it would be to be floating in crystal clear Caribbean blue waters, while a frosty pineapple/coconut drink waited for me on the beach.


What was I saying??


4 thoughts on “Laugh out loud, even while cringing…

  1. On top of all of the above, I also have these stupid keratosis skin things sprouting all over my body. I saw the doctor today about three more “just to be sure” and asked her if anything can be done to get rid of ’em. Nope, it’s just another result of getting older. Some moron dubbed them “barnacles of old age”. By the time I finally and gratefully kick the bucket, I’ll just be one continuous barnacle, without the pleasant salt air smell, sound of sea gulls and fruity rum drink.

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