Spring has sprung, but not weather-wise

We’re having family in for Easter dinner tomorrow night.  And we’re getting ready to schedule the carpet cleaners in.  So this was a good time to start in on what will be marathon spring cleaning during the month of April.  It should be noted that this is happening while it has been periodically snowing – yes, SNOWING – for the last 3 days.  Apparently Mother Nature has a sense of humor and decided to do a freak out on us starting on April Fool’s Day.

Yay for her, boo for us.

The kitchen is now detailed.  The living room and front hall have been swamped out and the baseboards have been done.  I gave up notions of perfection (HA!) and let Bren do the living room vacuuming, which was a Herculean task given the amount of dog hair that has collected in there.  Dog hair color = carpet color.  Good times.  Anyway, Bren loved doing it and was joyous about it.  I could have pulled the anal retentive mom thing and given him another chore, but he really wanted to do it.  It came to mind, while he was struggling away at the task, that him being a part of the cleaning was more important than either results (of a higher standard) or speediness.  I’m proud of him for tackling it and I love how thrilled he was when it was done and he could see the outcome of his efforts.

It also looked pretty darn good.

The public spaces are now ready for our little family get-together with the grammas and the grandpa.

What will be ongoing is the weeding out of “crap” and the detailing of the rest of the house, including the garage.  All of this is sadly needed and it must happen before I’m back in school again, where time will be short.


The Easter Bunny will be arriving in an Easter Car, according to Aidan.

Further, he is fully aware that he is being mean to Bren by hitting him and we’re having negotiations on how to terminate that behavior.  In toddler/preschooler logic there is no room for negotiation – it’s definitely a “My way or the Highway” situation.

Still, he tells a good tale and perhaps he’ll talk his way out of this one yet.  Bren knows that someday his little brother will stop being a poop.  The question is:  Will Brennan’s understanding of this outlast the increasing urge to stick his brother in the garbage can?


I have discovered that I cannot tolerate energy drinks.

Made myself sick as hell this afternoon.  Also discovered that it IS possible for me to take a nap after drinking an energy drink that makes me feel sick as hell.  Pondering how this can happen and it’s making my brain hurt.


Bren blew his chess teacher’s mind at Friday’s lesson (first one).  Or at least gave him a few things to ponder.  Mr. A thought he played like someone who had been playing more than a year, not just a few short months (introduced last fall, but really started learning beginning in January).  We are anticipating him playing his uncle in May.  Also looking forward to him playing his grandpa Dan.  Makes me and Todd giggle, just a little.


Getting some good mentoring through work connections.  I needed this.  Perhaps it will clear the clouds from my mind.

Sadly, though, the pain I’ve been experiencing in my hands and feet is getting worse.  Time to get to the doctor and check it out.  I think I’ve aged more in the last year than I had in the previous five.  It’s cause for worry, which (really) is the last thing I need more of.


Life moves forward in these little increments – a series of events that build and flow.  I wish that we were in a situation where a little vacation would be possible.  But no.


I have hungry children, so I’m off.

moonfire out.


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