oh yeah, that hurts

This employee fitness program is probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long, long time.  But damn.  It hurts.  Nutrition is being managed via a football-type game (6 fruits/veggies in a day is a 6 pt TD, 3 high fiber foods is 3 points, and so on).  Fitness is being taught to us in increments and we’re doing circuit training twice a week.

All I can say tonight is OUCH.  I have sore muscles from head to toe.

I will fully admit it – I am the biggest wimp on the planet.  My physical fitness health is so bad that I am truly embarrassed to even mention it.  Joining this program was a stroke of luck for me.

But yes, at one point today I really wanted to go sit on the pretty young woman putting us through all the pain.  I’m quite sure my pudgy ass would have flattened her into a puddle.

I’ll survive and in 9 weeks I’ll be glad I went through it AND I suspect I’ll be ready to sign up for the next session, if one is offered.  Of all the programs they’ve offered at the university, this is the one that has the potential to make a huge difference in my life.  Nice benefit, isn’t it?

I’m now going to cringe my way into bed and some recuperating sleep.

cheers from one hurting moonfire


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