At the end of the day…

I’ve heard the phrase “at the end of the day” used many times by various folks in the business world.  I’m sitting here, thinking about a really stimulating and intriguing conversation I’ve been having with my old boss from the software company.  We’ve been discussing the business/work world and how there are many times when we act from a place based on our own personal values, sometimes to the detriment of our careers.

So I think about this phrase and I think to myself, there is another way to view that phrase.  You can break it down and think about it in terms of your life…  when you get to the end of it, what will have mattered?  What will be the value that you brought and what will be the memory that lingers with you as you pass from life?

I highly doubt it will be the television show you “had” to watch, or the things you bought.  Maybe a cookie or too will pop in there, but probably it’ll be associated with the time you baked cookies with your mom or dad or maybe it’ll be the first cookie your child gave you.  Maybe that last thought will be remembrance of a smile or a look in an eye.  I don’t imagine it’ll be a pang that a promotion was lost or some whispering thought about how your credit got tanked when you lost your job.

I imagine there could be regrets, but for the most part, isn’t it more likely you’ll remember the highlights of life?

At the end of the day, the things I hope to remember are the feeling of my hand on my sons’ backs…  the kiss when Todd and I got married…  playing dress up with my little sister… baking a cake for my mom (even though it was inedible).  I hope I forget all about the sense of failure I feel in the workplace or how I have never really found my niche.  I hope that all that fades away and all that remains is the essence of what was really important to me.

For now, though, we could say I’m still in the middle of the day, just slightly past noon and looking at a nice gentle afternoon before evening comes with cool breezes.



2 thoughts on “At the end of the day…

  1. You’re right about what is important in life. However, I think you have found your niche. You may disagree, but I think you can call motherhood a niche. It’s a place you fit comfortably in and it is a calling. You are a great mom. Your writing brings back memories for me when my boys were little. I enjoy reading about them.

  2. You know, I am so OVER that phrase “at the end of the day.” But what I’m not over is what you talk about here–the actual contemplation of what truly matters. My day is spent (more than I’d like) doing mundane tasks and scooping shit, but if I stop and cuddle and inhale the little girlness, that fleeting little girlness, I know my day is complete.

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