passing the word from the Kindness of Strangers

Bad Mommy Moments shared this and I’m doing the same:

Imagine being 27 years old, with 2 small children, no insurance, and finding out you have aggressive breast cancer.

This could have been my mother.  This could have been me.

I thought of Lisa when I clicked through on the link.  I was just thinking today that it might be time to take down my angels link for her, but then I clicked through on this and realized, no it’s not time.

What I have learned, both from that past experience, and from reading this new story, is that it is truly amazing what can happen when people come together to help each other.  A little bit from my family and many others might be able to truly make a difference for a family struggling with something that could seem overwhelming.

What I really don’t understand is how a family facing all the fear that can come with battle a life-threatening illness… how that family can be forced to face the double bind of financial fear as well.  It seems like we have lost sight of what healing and health should be about.

So send along a prayer and, if you can, think about clicking through and helping.  I know these days it’s a lot to ask.  But something small can be turned around and joined with something small from many others and next thing you know, it’s not so small after all.

wishing you peace and good health,


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