not this again

I hate this time change.  I don’t use the word “hate” often, but this is one of those times.  Let’s set the clocks and be done with it, ok?  No putzing around with adjustments.

People really do love to interfere with stuff, don’t they.  In this case, it’s a matter of meddling with time and as any good science fiction story will tell you, that’s a bad idea.

So I may be grumpy for a few days.  In fact, I KNOW I’ll be grumpy for the next few days.  Between the sinus infection and the time change, I’m ready to live on a tropical island and build palm huts all day.

And I don’t know what’s up with this midlife crisis, but it can stop now.  It’s not impressing me much.  Even worse?  I didn’t realize that this could be considered midlife until it occurred to me that perhaps a crisis is what I’m experiencing.

It’s almost 8pm.  Here’s the issue, in a nugget:  The baby is still down for his nap.  He won’t sleep through the night but waking him up now would be bad.  This means we are effectively screwed no matter what we do.  I don’t like that.  On top of it, I need to go to bed now so I can get up early to get him out the door to gramma’s house.  This is like the double-whammy of death.

I think they should make little tiny hoses that can be directed up one’s nose so that a *cough* gentle rinse can be directed into the nasal cavities.  Yes.  I know about neti pots and sinus rinse kits.  I have a rinse kit and plan to use it tonight.  The problem is that I don’t believe those two items will manage enough force to get up to the sinus cavities in my forehead where the pressure is currently residing.


Took the small children to the Roadster Show today.  THAT was FUN!!  Our little dude absolutely adores cars and guess what I found out about????  The Kart Club!  They have these little kid karts that are meant for ages 5-8.  Seriously.  In two years he could be zooming merrily.  That gives me two years to learn what I can about it, so we can be prepared for it.  And our bigger little dude is interested too, so it could be a family thing.

I should mention here – Todd and I have had a talk about this (already).  Aidan (little dude) adores cars and I don’t mean in that little kid likes Hot Wheels way, but in a completely passionate way that echoes Bren and his passion for Legos, Nintendo, and science.  Todd’s dad was a “car guy”, my uncle used to rebuild cars – and I mean REALLY rebuild them, including machining parts…. and when I was a kid all I ever wanted were cars.  The fact that I have a chance to learn about kart racing is… well, let’s just say learning to drive a race car is on my bucket list.

At the car show today, Aidan was directing us where he wanted to go.  He told us he wanted to see the Corvette and this is coming from a guy who has been talking for less than a year.  At one point I was trying to get him to head for a hot dog (and a break on his little boy legs) when he just stopped dead in his tracks.  No fit.  No words.  He just stopped.  I looked at his face and knew the break wasn’t happening, no matter what I said.  So we kept on going until I could gently direct him to the hot dog place where dad and Bren were waiting.

There is so, so much that we are able to do with Bren.  He’s 7, so he’s old enough to get into activities, like he is with chess and robotics and science.  There are many times when I have to remind myself that Aidan’s day will come, when we can do things he is interested in.  Today was the first little step in that direction.  And now that I know we have a path to teach him the SAFE way to interact with the fast cars he’s so fascinated with, I feel a big happy sensation developing in my mom heart.

Aidan has always been very specific in his opinions and interests.  Where Brennan has been fully ambidextrous and has had multiple passions, Aidan was immediately totally right-handed and specific about his world, with no wavering.  When you see this in a little kid it can be really disconcerting.  He can’t be persuaded from his path, either.  All we can do is temper it with rules and boundaries, hoping for a bit of safety.

Well… the headache is getting bad again.  Staring at the computer is only aggravating it, so I think it’s time to shut down for the night.

I need to sit and think for a bit.  I have to regain some of my sanity before the early morning alarm goes off tomorrow.

cheers from one slightly lost moonfire


One thought on “not this again

  1. I absolutely LOVE teaching Aidan about cars. We also spend a lot of time in my car while I limo him to and from his other grandparents for day care. We’ve been discussing turn signals lately and he watches other cars to see whether they have a good driver (using signals) or bad driver (no signals and/or talking on cell phone or texting). I think a field trip to a wrecking yard is coming up too. He’s very interested in the idea of broken cars.

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