Old friend/New Friend


I’m going to try my best to do the visit justice, but I’m not sure I can.  If this was a technical recitation of how the visit went, I’d be able to catalog it neatly, with every comment logged in nicely.  But it was over three hours of fantastic… laughs, some small moments of sadness over losses, and a whole lot of catching up about the intervening years.  Of course there was no way to recount the amount of life that has passed since we last saw each other.  Instead it was like the condensed highlights, with acknowledgment of the lowlights.

In reminiscing with her, I felt like I was catching up with an old friend.  In hearing about her life’s adventures over the last 11+ years and hearing about where she is now, I felt like I was making a new friend.

I remember now, vividly, the WHY of our friendship when we were younger, while at the same time all the things that contributed to the waning of that same type of friendship also made sense because here we are now, the same yet different and friendship now seems all the better because of the time missed.  It was like some of the silliness of our 20s had to drift away, leaving who we really are behind for renewal of the friendship.

Or maybe that’s just me because holy crap!  It was like she hadn’t aged at all!  I could see some superficial signs of aging…  laugh lines around her eyes and some silver strands in her dark brown hair, but she looked just the same.  She looks fantastic and it makes me want to grin to think that YES I did recognize her and yes, she’s still the same strong person she was back then.  She knows who she is and she’s totally comfortable with it.  I love that about her.  I love her funny way of talking about being a parent.  I’m thrilled that she has this peace about her.

What it really comes down to, for me at least, is that all the value I saw in her when we were younger is even more appreciated now.  And that’s probably due to all the changing I’ve done over the years.  For the better, I think.


I am, perhaps, not always the best friend in the world.  I am opinionated.  I am bossy.  I can be sucked in to things that I should better leave alone.  But I really do care about the few people in my world that I truly call friends.  My life is all the richer for knowing them and for being around them.  I wish I was better at this than I am, but I’ll just keep on trying.

Today I have a giant smile on my face – something that’s a miracle given the laundry is waiting to be done, the homework I have stacked up, the dishes and the general list that has to be done every weekend.  I’ve got a smile on my face and this feeling that simply needed a bit of refreshing.  Friendship doesn’t really die.  It can go dormant for a bit, with snow piled up on it and life moving on around it.  Maybe the seed will come back.  Maybe it won’t.

I saw some wonderful little purple flowers blooming yesterday.  They are those funny little flowers you always see blooming first after winter begins to pass.  There is often snow still on the ground when the green shoots of them start popping up through the last of the dried white ice.   I always feel happy when I see them, since the others will be following shortly too.  A few weeks and more will start cropping up.  Soon my backyard garden will need to be weeded out and we’ll add some new, hardier things to the end of the garden that doesn’t seem to thrive as well.

It’s time to get up out of this chair, get the “must do” things taken care of and then I think I’ll relax for a bit before winding down for bed tonight.  It was a really, really good weekend, no matter how I stack it up.  Bren got to be with his best little buddies for the birthday party.  I got my hair cut and a saucy color put on it.  I had a wonderful visit with my friend and we reconnected our lives across a long distance of time.  And Bren got to go to his first hockey game with gramma and dad.

Life is good.  Tomorrow is another day.



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