I’d love to have something brilliant to say tonight.

I just don’t have much percolating.  I am intrigued by my latest class.  It is “Strategic Management of Technological Innovation.”

I really like my professor and the material is definitely meaty and interesting.

But.  And isn’t there always a “but.”

But I am tired.  My back, neck and jaw are injured – although I cannot figure out how, other than hormones (progesterone).  I’m living on pain killers – anti-inflammatories, more specifically.  And if that isn’t a word, tough.  If it is and I simply spelled it incorrectly, tough.

It hurts to type this out, so I think I can be forgiven a lapse or two.  Work has been incredibly difficult.  I find it hard to maintain concentration because of the pain.  My hands, wrists and arms are hurting too.  And I’ve got shooting pains through my legs, likely activated sciatica due to the pinched areas in my back.

Why the laundry list of pain?  Well, I suppose in my wimpy-assed way, I’m trying to defend my lack of writing at this time.  Actually, I’ve been off my game for a while, but we’ll deal with that when it doesn’t feel like my bones are crunching together.

I will say one thing though – pay aside, it was an okay day.  The highlights as always were cuddles with my boys and watching Bren dance to Just Dance.  I wanted SO BADLY to get up with him.  I moved my arms around to a couple of the songs and decided screwing things up more just isn’t worth it, so I cuddled the baby on my lap while he played with his own special Wii remote (actually a candy dispenser).

Finally, I apparently have a new nickname: Lizard Lady.  I have to laugh over this one as this is NOT something I’ve ever been called before – at least, not to my face and not even behind my back…

Now it’s time to finish my glass of water, check my emails (I’m chronic) and then head off to toss and turn in bed until the painkiller knocks me out.

cheers and thank you for the support while I’ve been incapacitated.  Which reminds me of a story that I’ll have to get my mum to share.  But that’s for tomorrow when the crunchiness eases off.

moonfire signing off.


4 thoughts on “I’d love to have something brilliant to say tonight.

  1. It ‘s a term of endearment, trust me! Not many people on the planet can listen the way that you do. I know I can tell you anything without fear of reproach, and for that I am truely grateful.

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