bad back

This takes on whole new meaning for me.  My back is acting up something fierce.  Taking a deep breath hurts.  Moving hurts.  Sitting REALLY hurts.

Thank god for my chiro and good pain meds.  He’s managed to help my jaw over the last two days and I’m able to function without being in tears, so that’s good.  I really need to ice my back but I feel so miserable that doesn’t sound like any fun at all.  So I’m going to bed and I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day.

I really hope Todd gets home from class soon.  I need Tiger Balm.

This is sad to say, but I remember people telling me many, many years ago that they had bad backs and I can honestly say that I was NOT able to comprehend it.  There are some things that you simply cannot understand unless you experience it yourself…  bad back, miscarriage, hell – even ovulation.  I’m sure the list is even longer, but I can’t seem to think for any length of time before the pain short-circuits my reasoning ability.  My boss was talking to me about some things that he’s trying to deal with and I swear I couldn’t follow any of it.  Now we normally have really interesting discussions about the issues our office is facing and I am fairly able to keep up with him.  Not so today.  Even now, it’s difficult to maintain a train of thought.

And eating is turning into a problem as well.  So I’m wondering if prolonged pain can really short-circuit the rest of your body to that degree?  I found some black licorice and that seems to be ok, but everything else sounds or looks or smells repulsive.  Only licorice and fruit juice or water are working for me.

In an interesting side bar, if it weren’t impossible thanks to modern medicine and the surgical arts, I’d swear I was pregnant.  Besides the whole back issue, I have other symptoms that are classic pregnancy tell-tales.

This seems to confirm that it is likely PMS and hormones that are aggravating my grumpy back.

And the temper this is giving me??  OUCH.

Ok.  As much as I want Tiger Balm on my back, I want sleep more.  Maybe some sleep will give me enough of a break that things will ease up.

Cross fingers…


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