Just quick, because if I sit still for too long, I’m toast.

Bad night.  Ate dinner too late, indigestion kept me up several times last night.  Ouch.

Getting ready for cutting the fabric and I’ve got the sugar cookie recipe for Bren’s cookie lesson.  I’m going to ask him if we can make them lemony and tint the icing green for a “spring” kind of theme, then we can send them into his class tomorrow.  🙂

I’m also heading over to the sports shop to pick up a bike helmet so I can ride my pink bicycle back and forth to work.  Time to whittle down this butt and feel like myself again!

Other than the fatigue, I feel good.  I’ve been getting laundry done and I’m feeling really excited about cutting our quilt squares.  I’ve promised Bren he can run the sewing machine while I do the pressing, so wish us luck.  It looks like it’s going to be a fun day in our household!!

one sleepy moonfire


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