My new addiction (Just Dance)

I won’t say the Wii has been gathering dust, but I’ve been avoiding it a bit lately because I’m feeling like I’ll get on the balance board and the damn thing will go “DAMN woman!  You’ve put on some pounds!!”


It’s that bad right now.

So this past weekend we had to pick something up from Best Buy and I saw this game, Just Dance.  I’ve tried dance workouts and haven’t been impressed – mostly because I want to have fun, not die from musak versions of the club mixes I like.

I seriously, seriously love to dance.  But I can’t take smoke so clubs are out – beyond the whole ick factor that I’m 40 and overweight and my self-esteem is in the freaking toilet – but I can deal with that topic another day.

So tonight, after debating whether or not I should not even open it but take it back, Bren and I opened that puppy up and got our groove on.


It was amazing awesome fun.  It was hard.  It made me laugh.  Bren kept going and going, with breaks for drinks.  I’m actually sore and now I have to get in a very hot tub to ease my poor body.  But you know what?  I’m cracking that sucker open after I get the baby off on his trip to gramma’s house.  I’m going to boogie down a bit before my work day starts.

Do you know how great that is??  It’s freaking AWESOME.

Seriously dude.

And if you see me hobbling around town over the next few days?  Just laugh it off, ’cause I am.

signing off – The Dancing Queen – moonfire


2 thoughts on “My new addiction (Just Dance)

  1. Good for you! First I have no beat and I tried to dance/exercise while my kids were teenagers…they walked in on me. I never tried it again. Let’s say they were more than entertained!

  2. Oh this is so much fun!! But I’ve drafted the kids into dancing with me, so I can avoid the whole “OH MOM!” factor. Besides, this way I get a few new moves in my collection – even if some are cheezy 90’s moves!! 😀

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