A while back I posted how I’m an INFJ  (MBTI) – so the career things for that type are interesting, but I read them and just nodded, then kept plugging away at my degree.

Tonight, while waiting for the pain killer to kick in, I checked out a group website for folks who score like me.  I answered the brief little survey about am I fulfilled in my career (and had to laugh – HA – what career?  I have yet to have one)… no, not at all.  But afterwards, I posted a comment to the results of the poll and then started reading what others of my “ilk” had to say.

Holy shit.

They are just like me.  Seriously.  Scads of writers, mostly informal writers but some actually producing.  MANY unhappy or unable to find focus, but those who were fulfilled?  Counselors, educators, coaches, mentors…

Why is this interesting?  Well…  I just applied for my first “real” job today.  Or rather, I applied for what appears now to be my first real professional job when you consider that CMS this past year turned out to be a dead end.  I’m applying for financial aid counselor at the university where I work.  I’ve wanted this job for years but they simply NEVER open up.

I want this so much I could weep.  And my ISM degree would segue nicely into a second master’s – in student affairs – when I’m done.

I had given up years ago that I’d ever be qualified for fa counselor or admissions counselor.  I take a job on campus and lo- there one is.

Anyway, back to the board and the comments.  It was stunning.  I could NOT believe that I could find a whole group of people who feel the way I do.  I always kind of thought MBTI was just a generalization and I understand that it really is, but there is also a good element of truth to it.

And some reinforcement too.  It’s no freaking wonder I am so continuously drawn to the service oriented positions.  But there are limitations on where I should head and it’s like someone turned on the lightbulb… I’ve always been a closet social scientist…  yeah, there are reasons for that.

I could go on and say more, but this headache is seriously killing me.  I need sleep and some relief from it.

But I’m feeling pretty good right now.  I may not have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting in to that job that I just applied for, but I wrote the best letter of interest I’ve ever done so that has to count for something where my sense of “trying” is concerned.

time for bed.  Light hurts my eyes.  My honey is building my commuter bike.  Life is interesting and sweet.



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