my brain is tired

My body is sadly out of shape, so when I feel physically tired I put it down to a combination of being sedentary due to work and school, as well as the general fatigue that comes as a part of the “mom” package.

My brain, on the other hand, is wiped out this evening for a different catalog of reasons.  I’ve been studying – both things for class and things for this application for a professional position.  Yes, this would be another position, however, I’ve talked to my current boss about it and there is more to this than can be met in a brief blog about being pooped.

I’ve done hours of reading over the last couple of days.  I’ve done a quiz, some homework, and I’ve dug deeper into my research.  I’ve also done a couple of professional self-study lessons and I’ve got the digital introductory course for Oracle and SQL downloaded.

Yes.  My brain is tired.  I fed it eggrolls and dragonfruit juice this evening.  Then I sat and read Percy Jackson & The Olympian: The Lightening Thief.  Good yarn, with adventure, misfortune, and magic.  Bren will love it when he’s ready to read it.  I need the couple hours respite, evening though I should really be starting to write out the first draft of my paper.  I’d hoped to get the draft done today, then let it sit for two days before coming back for revisions.  It doesn’t appear that is going to happen.  I will more likely keep digging a bit deeper into the interesting reading I’m doing, then draft the paper on Friday night/Saturday morning – with final review happening Sunday morning before I submit it.

Apparently, I do better under some sort of deadline pressure?  I don’t know.  We’ll call it my fatal flaw, in keeping with the notion of heroes and quests.  My quest is to make it through graduate school with a bit of sanity and the possibility of a future via career.

My little guy is making noises in the background.  He’s supposed to be asleep but he can’t seem to let go of the day.  I’ve tried cuddling and soothing, but so far it’s not working.  Poor guy.  I hate it when my brain won’t settle down.  It seems he takes after me a bit that way…

I guess I’ll go try soothing a bit more, then it’s a bit of light reading before bed (two case studies and one 30 page RFP, yay me).

cheers from the outer reaches of the academic life,


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