Survived the first, now waiting on a call

Thanks to everyone for the support about yesterday.  Bren survived it, although he ended up being derailed by a toothache (loose tooth that really NEEDS to come out, but I haven’t got the heart to yank it).  He pulled himself together on that first game and it ended in stalemate!  The other child won due to the calculation, but it doesn’t matter.  Brennan did not give in to his frustration at the opening.    The second game was a walloping.  He lost in 10 moves to a little guy that my husband says plays like he was born with a chess piece in each hand (and don’t I wish I’d been there to see it).  But one of the women who was working at the event had talked to Brennan earlier in the day, explaining about the importance of playing losing games in order to learn.  So the fact that he went in there, having only been learning to play for a few months… well, he handled it all very well.

And yes, he wants to go back to the next tournament, so his spirit wasn’t tromped.

In the meantime, I’m going to build up some gumption and try to pull that tooth.  Plus I’m calling the dentist to get him in for his checkup.  Todd said he couldn’t even chew pizza, which in kid terms is serious business.  Last night he stuck to soup…  At least the soup was loaded with veggies, so I felt like it was a win-win situation.

It is really hard being the parent.  Sometimes I feel like the pains and disappointments they go through are magnified through to us.  I asked him if he was disappointed about yesterday and he asked “why?”  I covered a bit and realized that he figured it out.  Todd says he was more disappointed that his friends weren’t there than he was about his losses.  Maybe, over time, he’ll make friends there and then it will be just as fun from that aspect.

Now here we are on Sunday and I’m waiting on a call back from my dad in Canada.  He doesn’t normally call in the morning, so it’s one of those times when I’m (once again) hoping things are ok.

Likely things are, but given recent events, you never know.


Just had the call and everything is fine.  Talked about the boys, about my nana, and about how everyone is doing.  Mentioned the trip and how we’re doing on planning for it.

We also chatted about my research project and I can email him to get some feedback on a couple areas of the analysis, so that’s excellent news.

Now it’s time to get showered, collect all my stuff and head over to the university for reading and researching.  I want some supporting materials concerning the issues with DMCA takedown notices, as well as the technology being employed by the company I’m using as a solution.  I’d like to put in about 4 hours or so, then about 6-7 hours of writing time tomorrow.   I have to fit in my quiz today and my homework – total points 220 (out of the 1000 total for the class).  Oh yeah – thread postings today too.

It’ll be a busy day.

I wish I could take a couple months off from school.  I’d love to have a “normal” weekend, with cooking, playing with the kids, art projects, SEWING… sigh.

Who knows what is coming down the road, though?  I’m putting my application in for the financial aid counselor position – and I’ve talked to my now current boss about why – he keeps telling me he doesn’t want me to leave, but I know he understands that I have to do this.  I don’t have my master’s degree completed, but I have excellent qualifications for the position.  Maybe that cumulative experience will work to my advantage???

We’ll see.

Time to get myself pumped up about today.  STUDY, STUDY, STUDY – RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH (it’s the college student cheer)…

And where that doesn’t work, a nice BIG cup of espresso may do the trick.

Oh.  One final note.  My current boss, DS (easier to type), told me Friday that I’m a lifelong learner.  He’s only known me for (really) a month and he’s figured this out.

So that whole thing about a “normal” weekend?  I’m probably kidding myself, right?  oy.

Cheers to all on this strange February Sunday morning.  May your day be cozy and NOT filled with time spent in an academic library…



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